Versatile 1 Year Food Supply

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Versatile 1 Year Food Supply with 75% no-cook feature

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All products are packed in #10 cans
FD=Freeze Dried
*Cooking Required

2 Cans Mountain Chili
2 Cans Mushroom Pilaf w/Vegetables
2 Cans Potatoes & Cheddar w/Chives
3 Cans Spaghetti Marinara w/Mushrooms
4 Cans Santa Fe Black Beans & Rice

1 Cans AlpineMinestrone
2 Cans Creamy Potato w/Cheddar

2 Cans Blueberry Honey Granola & Milk
2 Cans 5-Grain Fruit-Nut Instant Cereal
3 Cans Granola

2 Cans Apple Almond Crisp
2 Cans Apples, Diced
2 Cans Apple Flakes, Pure
2 Cans Date Pieces

1 Cans Cheddar Cheese Powder
12 Cans Instant Nonfat Milk Powder
3 Cans Scrambling & Omlet Egg Powder*

2 Cans Couscous, Pre-Cooked(Wheat Grits)
2 Cans Lentils, Cooked, Dehydrated
2 Cans Macaroni,Vegetable,Instant
2 Cans Pinto Beans,Cooked,Dehydrated
2 Cans Textured Vegetable Protein
2 Cans Rice,White,Cooked,Instant
6 Cans Barley, Pearl*
6 Cans Cornmeal*
6 Cans Lentils*
6 Cans Oats,Rolled,Regular* 6 Cans Pinto Beans*
9 Cans Rice,White,Long Grain*
6 Cans Split Peas,Green*
18 Cans Wheat,Hard*

2 Cans Carrots,Diced,Dehydrated
2 Cans Corn,Sweet,FD
1 Cans Onions,Chopped,Dehydrated
2 Cans Peas,FD
2 Cans Potatoes,Mashed,Instant
2 Cans Potatoes,Diced,Puffed,Dehydrated
1 Cans Tomato Powder
2 Cans Vegetable Mix

SNACKS: Ready to eat
3 Cans Cheese Spread Pouches
3 Cans Peanut Butter Pouches
9 Cans Pilot Bread Crackers

4 Cans Honey
1 Cans Sea Salt

Plastic Lids
Can Opener

Calories per day: 2,048
Total Calories: 747,520
Number of Cans: 156
Net Weight: 500 lbs.
Approx Storage Area Required: 3 1/4’x3 1/4’x3’


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